"The heavy, harshly abrasive sound on which they forge their songs is clearly a must-hear for metalheads" - UNXIGNED

"The track is a crushing dark oddessey of murderous intent in vengeance lyrically with a swirling plague wind of atmosphere and an undercurrent of meloncholic tones sonically (not to mention Ossoway’s larynx troubling unclean vocal tones which are pure Evil) that is mirrored in the video itself" - Metalnoise

"With hard chest thumping drums and bass, and ferocious riffs, Sean Ossoway snarls and growls his way through each song, looking all the while like some grim reaper" - Drew Scott, Moshville Times

"The Ward is a lot of things but the over-riding one is… brilliant." - Carl 'The Disc' Fisher, gbhbl

"Kvilla doesn't disappoint with this amazing assortment of genre defining songs" - Wayne Oritz, THE METAL LAB

Based in Manchester, UK
Co-Founded in 2012 by guitarist - Ryan Leigh, vocalist - Sean Ossoway, and ex drummer - Max Stockton
Genre: #metal #hardcorepunk 

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Sean Ossoway– Vocals
Ryan Leigh – Guitar
Adam Peeroo - Bass
Andrew Nestor - Drums
Josh Stead - Guitar

Kvilla are five-piece metal band from Manchester, UK. Taking influence from several genres and different corners of metal, they strive to create something of their own.

Their first EP 'The Ward' contains songs that have been described as punk, thrash, black metal, and even shoegaze. Their plan is to push and blur the boundaries of genres even further.

FFO: Deafheaven, Oathbreaker and Converge.


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12 Nov
Ihlo / Nassau / Kvilla / We Make Mammoths


Ihlo gig.jpg